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A piano is definitely an expensive and beautiful item, and with the right care you are able to retain its value and prevent leakages from damage and deterioration. The simplest way to ensure the integrity in the instrument is by covering it which has a piano cover. Take a look at offer five main reasons why you need a piano cover:

To stop the Effects of Temperature Changes and Dampness:

A piano cover assists in maintaining the atmosphere for pianos when you can find changes in the humidity and weather. Frequent changes will make your piano out-of-tune. A protective cover can be especially important for all those living in humid climates, as humidity can damage the wood of your piano.

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To Protect the Piano from Sunlight Damage:

If the piano spends its entire life in the sunshine, it will not be long before damage to the finish becomes noticeable; environmental sun damage is the most common cause of premature aging in pianos. Ultraviolet rays can cause hairline cracks inside the finish and lead to fading or darkening.

Dust and Dirt Protection:

Dust gets everywhere, including with your piano. Dust and grime on the wood or lacquer finish with the piano can be abrasive, and mud and dirt gathering about the keys will eventually cause them to stick and become difficult to play. Even wiping the pull out the piano can cause scratching it. Dust damages the inside of your piano as well-- dust that accumulates by the tuning pins, the string bearing felts or the dampers will over time placed their tole on your piano.

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To avoid Physical Damage to your Instrument:

A canopy will protect your piano against scratching, major blunt force and rubbing trauma (children someone who had a lamp fall on their Steinway--a cover is a much cheaper solution that the need to have you piano refinished). Covers will also be great for protecting against liquid damage, as people often set a drink on top of a piano. Vinyl covers and nearly waterproof, as well as a spill can be quickly wiped up--plus forget about rings from the bottom of cups.

A beautiful Accessory:

In addition to protecting your instrument, a piano cover may add to the room's decor. A sophisticated piano cover adds elegance towards the room, and the numerous color options allow the customer to customize their cover to go with the decor.

With one of these reasons in mind, the next thing is to decide which type of material you would like for your grand piano cover, with various vinyl, mackintosh, or quilted. Finally, we recommend that when you are choosing your cover, which you purchase an American piano cover, as the material of imported covers is inferior, both in looks and quality